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06 | 2016
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In this issue of our Site.Excellence newsletter, we present Job Multiversum, a different kind of career fair for young talent. Get ready for the speakers at the upcoming "perspectives" on June 16 – there are only a few places left in this premier chemical and pharmaceutical industry event. Finally, discover a new interactive world at the relaunched online portal for Industriepark Höchst.

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Job Multiversum: Career opportunities galore at Industriepark Höchst
This year, companies at Industriepark Höchst held a Job Multiversum career fair for budding engineers and scientists. Around 140 college students and graduates accepted the invitation extended by Bayer, Celanese, Clariant, Sanofi, Kuraray and Infraserv Höchst.
June 16 "perspectives" is filling up quickly
perspectives 2016
Once again, "perspectives", to be held at The Squaire at Frankfurt Airport on June 16, will have internationally experienced, distinguished corporate representatives talking about the drivers of a new openness and the importance of collaborative models in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This is the fourth time that Infraserv Höchst will be hosting this high-level event, which has become a highlight in the industry calendar on transformation management.
New park portal for Industriepark Höchst is online
New park portal
The new park portal for Industriepark Höchst is up! Its pages give customers and investors key information at a glance. The website, located at www.industriepark-hoechst.com, was relaunched with a completely new design and a special logo. The extensive information and interactive features demonstrate beyond a doubt: This park works!
Infraserv honored for health and safety record
Infraserv honored for health and safety record
Health and safety excellence is essential for an industrial service provider. Infraserv Höchst has demonstrated its bona fides with another accolade: the "Sicher mit System" ("Systematically Safe") seal of quality, which was awarded for the third time in a row by BG RCI, the institution responsible for accident insurance and prevention in the raw materials and chemical industry.
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